TC Electronic Ditto Looper Review


Review by Gil Ramos (Musician & Composer)

The loop pedals have been consistently gaining ground in recent years. Its meteoric rise has benefited and monitored in parallel the evolution of solid-state memory devices, which are integrated in one way or another with the latest looper devices. Despite the numerous benefits to the musician, the loopers in general have a relatively long learning curve, not being properly the easiest devices to use in our setup.Devices like the Boss RC-300 Loop Stationcan easily discourage a less seasoned musician in the sound effects area.

Based on the concept of simplicity, TC Electronic has developed Ditto Looper. A pedal without non-essential characteristics. With “plug and loop” concept, the device has only one LED, one footswtich and a loop level pot. It has 9.2 cm of “nano” length, having the same dimensions of the TC Electronic PolyTune Mini Polyphonic Tuning Pedal

In operation, the LED on the TC Electronic Ditto Looper takes 2 different colors for different functions: Pressing the pedal once, we enter in record mode (red LED); pressing the pedal again and playback mode is on(green LED). This process can be repeated infinitely, adding successive layers to the initial recorded layer. Still has the Undo and Redo features that are activated by a longer tap. To stop playing a double tap (fast) is required. For more in depth info, please read the user manual

The fact that the pedal have a “quantize mode” is, in my opinion, the most interesting feature because it prevents the musician from overly emphasize the end of the loop. It is extremely important that this kind of pedal allows the musician to stay within the compass avoiding distractions with possible issues between the loop´s end and re-start.

This effects unit also comes equipped with a mini USB Type-B that has only the function to update the software / firmware in the future or “download loops from known artists” (hypothetically speaking). Important to mention is that the Ditto Looper has uncompressed 24-bit audio processing what distinguishes it from other similar products and it makes possible to playback 20/30 successive loops without losing quality.





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Simplicity. Compact. 24-bit audio processing. True Bypass.
Too small to accommodate a PP3 9V battery. Due to its dimensions can cause accessibility problems on the pedalboard.

This TC Electronic Ditto Looper it´s a “as easy as you can get” solution for our pedalboard´s creative section. The ideal loop pedal for beginners without compromising the sound quality. It´s affordable and well made.

If you´re serious about looping, there are more complex pedals to explore such as Boss RC-505 Loop Station, Electro-Harmonix 45000or Digitech Jamman Delay Looper Pedal Stomp Box


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